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Banca Dati Sanitaria Farmaceutica dal 1996

Legenda Tipo Aggiornamento Farmaci
Agenzia Europea per i Medicinali e Commissione Europea

C.E. Commissione Europea
Summary: (Su)
Decisions: (De)
Annexes: (An)

EMA Agenzia Europea per i Medicinali
Product Information: (Pr. In.)
Summary for the Public (Su. Pu.)
Signal Assessment Report (Si. As.)
Paediatric Investigation Plan Compliance Statement (Pa. In.)
Committee for Medical Products for Human Use (Co. Me.)
All Authorised Presentations: (A.A.P.)
Procedural Steps Taken and Scientific Information After Authorisation: (Pr. St.)
Summary of Risk Management Plan (Su. Ri.)
Orphan Maintenance Assessment Report (Or. Ma.)
Conditions Imposed: (Co. In.)
Risk Management Plan: (Ri. Ma.)
Scientific Conclusions and Grounds for the Variation to the Terms of the Marketing Autorisation: (Sc. Co.)
Medicine Overview: (Me. Ov.)
Post Authorisation Summary of Positive Opinion: (Po. St.)
Conclusions on the Granting of the Conditional Marketing Authorisation: (Co. Gr.)
Public Assessment Report: (Pu. As.)
Periodic Safety Updated Report Assessment (Pe. Sa.)
Supply Shortage (Su. Sh.)
Amendments to relevant sections of the product information (A. R. S.)
Assessment Report Variation: (As. Re.)